OOTD: Black on Orange


Hey Guys,

Just when I thought the past week was about to end in a bore, I came to the realization that last week Thursday (02/08) was PJ's birthday. In efforts to celebrate the occasion, we all went to the go kart track, as it was something he’d been talking about for some time. It was a fun evening out. I didn't get in on the action though; I just stood in the stands and cheered Jason on.

Below I share with you, images of the outfit I wore. Enjoy!!

Accessories: Forever 21
Leggings: Random Store
Sandals: Bridget Sandals (Cut Away)
Top: TJ Maxx
Watch: Guess

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  1. Hello dear,
    Maybe you would like to follow each others blogs with blogger and bloglovin?


    Have a nice day,

  2. love ur' top ans sandals



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